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THE GYM TEAM Inc preventive maintenance service

Preventing maintenance service keeping your fitness equipment running with reduced downtime requires more than just wiping down equipment and reporting faulty units to a technician. A regular program of THE GYM TEAM Inc. can really make longer the life of your fitness equipment and spend less money over the time. Regardless of the number of equipments in your home or fitness center, and no matter what their condition, a preventive maintenance program is crucial.
THE GYM TEAM Inc only employs trained and qualified professional technicians who will respect your investment and ensure your fitness equipment is repaired with quality replacement parts and the top levels of knowledge.

General Preventive Maintenance:


  • Perform the safety inspection to incorporate an observation associated with elements, seat supports, chains, pulleys, wires and a verify for missing or even worn hardware, and so on.
  • Upholstery items will certainly be inspected intended for wear and tear, rips, cuts, plus sharp edges. Installation bolts is going to be examined for tightness


  • Lubrication of most chains, sprockets, rollers, guide rods, seat adjustments, threaded rods, pivot points and so on where appropriate.


  • The Program technician will thoroughly clean the inside of fitness equipment wherever suitable. E. g. The particular motor compartments associated with treadmills or any kind of units which have optical sensors. The most common house cleaning of the outdoor will be the particular responsibility from the equipment owner.
  • Before Lubrication, all strength fitness equipment will become cleaned.

Electrical Components and Electronics:

  • The Service technician will inspect all lines cords, power gears, batteries and similar devices for safety and functionality.
  • Inspect all electric powered connections and line insulation.
  • Test electronic boards and calibrate where necessary.

Performance Test:

  • Following the preventive maintenance has been completed to a unit; it’ll be tried by the Service to insure the entire performance and integrity of this unit.

Commercial Verification:

  • Upon conclusion of the planned preventive maintenance visit, a completed checklist including a description of parts and repairs deemed appropriate by the Service will be given to the Owner’s representative. All required repairs and replacement equipment parts must be approved by the Owner or the Owner’s equipment representative.

Detailed Preventive Maintenance per Equipment

Ellipticals / Steppers:

  • Clean & lube equipment drive and step chains, clutch, sprocket and drive shafts.
  • Inspect equipment drive belts and alternator belts.
  • Clean & inspect equipment return springs & pulleys, bearings, bushings, shafts & sleeves,
    pedal assemblies and shaft.
  • Inspect and test equipment alternator
  • Inspect all equipment wire harnesses & connectors for visible damage and continuity
  • Inspect equipment transmission & bearing assemblies, flywheel and tension belt and hydraulic pumps
  • Test equipment rpm sensor, test resistance mechanism, test power supply for proper voltage
  • Calibrate equipment resistance when necessary
  • Inspect equipment frame & welds for cracks
  • Test all equipment programs and functions in weight


  • Clean and inspect equipment deck & belt, lubricate when applicable.
  • Test equipment speed and elevation assemblies.
  • Clean equipment motor compartment.
  • Inspect equipment drive belt & pulleys, every part of wire harnesses & connections and drive motor.
  • Clean and inspect equipment assembly.
  • Inspect equipment motor brushes and take amp draws.
  • Track and tension equipment walking belt and drive belt.
  • Inspect equipment motor and roller bearings.
  • Test equipment programs and functions in weight


  • Inspect equipment belts/chains, lubricate as required.
  • Clean & inspect equipment flywheel, flywheel gear, tension belt,
    crank assembly and bearings
  • Inspect all equipment wire harnesses & connections for visible scratch
    and continuity.
  • Inspect and test equipment rpm sensor and resistance mechanism.
  • Test equipment internal battery voltage.
  • Inspect equipment frame and welds for cracks.
  • Tighten any equipment loose bolts.
  • Test equipment seat assembly on recumbent bikes.
  • Test equipment programs and functions in weight.

Weight Machines:

  • Clean and lube equipment guide rods.
  • Inspect equipment carriage alignments, cables and pulleys for scratch or wear.
  • Inspect all equipment range of motion features.
  • Inspect equipment frame for broken welds or cracks.
  • Tighten all equipment loose bolts.
  • Test each equipment station in weight.

Spin Bikes:

  • Check and Clean Handlebars.
  • Check and Clean and Polish Chrome.
  • Check and Clean Flywheel.
  • Check and Clean Hub Assembly.
  • Check and Clean & check Turbo Chain.
  • Adjust Chain for appropriate Tension.
  • Check and lubricate every Moving mechanism.
  • Check and Lubricate Bearings.
  • Check and Lubricate All Pop-in Pin assembly.



We repair and service the majority brands in the fitness industry. All repairs and services are managed on site by our skilled and professional technicians who will guarantee immediate repairs in most cases.



A standard program of gym care can truly make longer the life of your fitness equipment and save money in the extended run, we offer a personalized program designed for specific needs of your gym equipment.



We sell new and refurbished commercial equipment gym equipment from the top manufacturers. All of our refurbished equipment comes with extended warranty.

Minimize equipment breakdowns with PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICES

THE GYM TEAM Inc knows that any down-time for your fitness equipment means money all the way down.

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Factors for taking into consideration for frequency of a Preventative Maintenance Program typically include age of the equipment and daily usage, A regular program of THE GYM TEAM Inc can truly extend the life of your equipment and save money in the long run.